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​​​​​Antimicrobial Point Prevalence Audit

All antibiotic prescriptions prescribed for acute infections are reviewed by specialist pharmacists on a designated date on alternate months to determine the appropriateness of agents prescribed for the management of infections in the Trust. 

In particular, the pharmacists will assess the agents prescribed, their route of administration and determine if the choice is in accordance with the Trust Antibiotic Formulary.  Evidence of indication and duration documented on the prescription are also ascertained in line with the Department of Health’s Start Smart then Focus recommendations. 

Audit standards

All prescriptions for antibiotics

Have an indication documented on the drug chart/EPMA record

Have duration of treatment or review date documented on the drug chart/EPMA record

Are in accordance with the antibiotic formulary, or otherwise advised by culture & sensitivity results or infection specialist (e.g. Medical Microbiologist or Infectious Diseases Physician).