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​​Influenza: Prophylaxis

First Line
Second Line
 75mg OD
 10 days


Renal Impairment (dose adjustments based on renal drug database)

Dose reduction is required for patients with renal impairment, see below:

Creatinine clearance
Recommended prophylactic dose (10 day course)
75mg ONCE daily
30mg ONCE daily
30mg ONCE weekly (for 2 doses)
30mg STAT then 30mg after every SECOND HD session
​Haemodiafiltration 30mg THREE times a week after dialysis session (Dialysed)
Peritoneal dialysis
30mg ONCE weekly (for 2 doses)
1-1.8L/hr exchange rate (continuous dialysis)
30mg every 48 hours
1.9-3.6 L/hr exchange rate (continous dialysis)
30mg ONCE daily
>3.6 L/hr exchange rate (continuous dialysis)
75mg ONCE daily


Additional Information

  • When a confirmed influenza virus positive patient has been nursed in a bay the other patients in that bay should receive antiviral prophylaxis. 
  • Take a sample for laboratory detection of respiratory virus infection (Nose and Throat Swabs). If the patient already has influenza virus infection then prophylaxis should be changed to a full course of antiviral at treatment dose.
  • Zanamivir may be used second line in immunocompromised patients, for further information see full treatment guidanc​e.Antiviral Treatment and Prophylaxis of Influenza v1.1.pdfAntiviral Treatment and Prophylaxis of Influenza v1.1.pdf
  • A number doses of influenza vaccine are available in the hospital pharmacy of influenza vaccine are available in the hospital pharmacy for patients in hospital who have not yet had the flu vaccine this influenza season.  See Trust guidance on influenza vaccination for inpatients.