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Appendix 1
Five statutory equality objectives were set for the period 2012 to 2016 as follows.
  1. ​Extend patient profiling (equality monitoring) data collection to all protected characteristics by April 2013
  1. ​Introduce robust equality performance reporting and monitoring on all protected characteristics by April 2013
  1. ​Develop readily available accessible patient information including patient information leaflets, corporate reports and appointment letters by April 2013
  1. ​Conduct an equal pay audit in 2012
  1. ​Set workforce diversity targets to develop a more representative workforce by April 2013
  1. ​Develop ED competency in the workforce​
  1. The Trust extended equality monitoring data collection to all protected characteristics for both staff and patients and developed the processes to collect the data and systems to record this information.   Ongoing awareness raising has been undertaken re the importance of equality monitoring including a video campaign.
  2. The Trust has developed a comprehensive equality monitoring performance framework to monitor the patient and workforce profile and outcomes from an equality perspective.  The equality monitoring reports are produced and published annually on the trust website.  The monitoring information is analysed and actions are agreed to investigate and address any identified issues.  It has been agreed that workforce diversity monitoring will in future be included in regular performance reporting for services.
  3. The Trust agreed an Accessible Publications policy that sets out how the Trust will provide information in a range of accessible formats, the policy is applicable to all forms of information and arrangements are in place to enable the production of accessible information.  In addition the Trust has developed a working group to oversee the implementation of the new Accessible information standard in 2016.
  4. The Trust completed an equal pay audit in 2012.
  5. Targets were set to increase disclosure of equality data in the workforce, this has resulted in an overall increase in disclosure, the next step is to set recruitment targets to change the workforce profile over time and decrease differences in experience identified in equality monitoring reports and the staff survey.
  6. The Trust has invested significantly in developing the competence of the workforce through mandatory equality and diversity training, E & D training for managers, race equality awareness, deaf and visual impairment awareness, LGBT awareness, unconscious bias testing and training, managing cancer in the workplace and physical disability and learning disability awareness training.